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Get Unstuck.

Hi. My name is Sean Larkin, and I'm a growth marketer.

I've led digital teams for 15 years. Having successfully founded and sold a couple of businesses, I've been able to trade in my dress shoes for muck boots. I now spend half my time raising goats and working on the perfect soap formulation for athletes.

I still enjoy sharing what I've learned about selling and marketing professional services. Each month, I help 2-3 agencies move through sticking points to unlock growth.

I consult on an as-needed basis, on well-defined projects with measurable goals. Projects include:

  • Building out customer acquisition cost models
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Lead funnel design
  • Drip campaign management
  • Optimizing & streamlining sales operations
  • Content marketing

It's incredible to me how many agencies hang their hats on a handful of big contracts and/or build their reputation on a single area of technical expertise, waiting passively for leads to come to them.

My goal is to help agencies proactively reach new customers and fill their sales pipelines with solid leads at the most cost-effective marketing spend possible.

The First Consultation Is On Me.

Don't wait. Let's schedule a time to talk about where your business might be getting stuck or is missing opportunities to improve growth.